Made and Designed in Perth, Western Australia
Made and Designed in Perth, Western Australia
Made and Designed in Perth, Western Australia
Australian Made
Reusable Cloth Face Mask
Good Flight Sleep - Made and Designed in Perth, Western Australia

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Proudly made in Perth, Western Australia, carrying the ‘Australian Made’ Logo.

This mask is designed to give you the best protection whilst you still maintain 1.5meters physical distancing.

With COVID 19 still prevalent around the world and internal borders coming down within Australia, wearing a mask is more important than ever. Vaccines, although coming along, are still a way off being available for any or everyone.

This mask has three layers. The outer layer is polyester which is water resistant (hydrophobic) and two inside layers of cotton which absorb moisture (hydrophyllic) for comfort. The inner most layer also forms a pocket in which a PM 2.5 carbon activated filter is inserted for extra protection. This pocket is open at both ends for easy insertion.

The mask also has an aluminum nose band which can be shaped to fit your nose to increase the voracity of the seal of the mask. The mask can be used whilst wearing glasses, just make sure the nose band is fitted well to prevent your glasses from fogging up.

There are elastic bands on either sides which can be tightened using the bead toggles, again to increase the seal. These can be used either behind your ears or around the back of your head for comfort

Purchase this unique neck pillow online and enjoy travelling again. Arrive feeling refreshed, not frazzled, with help from Good Flight Sleep.

The Good Flight Sleep innovative travel neck rest pillow was designed with a Velcro attachment which fits together behind the neck, rather than in front, allowing your head to rest comfortably on the seat whist you sleep sitting up. The Velcro attachment means the pillow stays in place, allowing you to change your position while still supporting your head and chin comfortably, therefore you don’t need to adjust the pillow every time you move. This same Velcro attachment allows you to strap the Good Flight Sleep travel pillow to your hand held luggage, leaving your hands free to carry your boarding pass and passport.

Special plastic ventilation inserts are included-allowing you to remain cool for complete comfort. These inserts are easily removed so the Good Flight Sleep travel pillow can be easily laundered.

Locally designed and proudly made in Western Australia the patented design has been rigorously tried and tested to ensure the upper spine and throat are fully supported.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the unique pillow, hand crafted with the highest care comes in two different sizes and is available in many fun, eye catching colours.

Buy travel neck pillow to see how comfortable they are. Buy neck support pillow online, you won’t regret your decision.

Limited Edition

Expertly hand crafted with the highest care.  This is a terrific product that will stand the test of time. Made in Western Australia.

Patented Design

Our tried and tested, patented design will keep your neck cool with you head perfectly supported for a relaxed, comfortable flight.

Express Yourself

With a superior design and crammed full of beautiful eye catching patterns your travel companion will be unique and colourful.


Just over 6 years ago I suffered a whiplash injury which resulted in severe discomfort when traveling in a vehicle or plane. Since discovering the Good Flight Sleep, I no longer suffer headaches or a sore neck during or after long journeys. My Good Flight Sleep is comfortable to wear and gives good support to the neck. Travel is once more relaxing for me.

Testimonial - John Kimber

I have experienced neck pain on and off for a few years now. I noticed that it was particularly uncomfortable to sleep on a long flight. I tried the ‘goodflightsleep’ for the first time last year and I have not looked back. It supports my head and neck well when I sleep sitting upright. The end result is arriving at my destination well rested and pain free!

Testimonial - Aedin Shannon

Living interstate and being time-poor only means one thing….redeye flights to visit friends and family at home.

Thanks to ‘goodflightsleep’ I now arrive ready to hit the ground running.

This clever take on a travel pillow make budget airlines a lot more comfortable.

Testimonial - Kenny Anderson

Supports your head in all directions
Fastens behind your neck
Plastic insert for ventilation
Machine washable
Sizes S-L and XL-XXXL
Available in many colours

To Launder

Remove Plastic Insert
Cold Machine Wash
Dry in Shade
Replace Plastic Insert

Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.