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Q: Does it come in different sizes?

A: There are two sizes.
S-L fits neck size 30 – 41 cms
XL-XXXL fits neck size 42 – 53 cms

Q. Can you wash it?

A.  Yes.

Remove the plastic inserts and cold machine wash. To protect from the sun, dry in the shade and then replace the plastic insert.

Q. Does it come in different colours?

A.  Yes.
Choose your colour during purchasing.

Q. Can you get different coloured inserts?

A.  Yes.
Choose your inserts when you order. We offer White, Black and Yellow inserts.

Q. Can you purchase replacement inserts separately?

A.  Yes.
Use the Contact page to send us a message. It will be $10 for a set of inserts.

Q. What are the plastic inserts for?

A. The inserts give support to the cushion and maintain the ventilation of the cushion so your neck doesn’t become too warm.

Q. Where do you ship to?

A. We ship everywhere.

  • Aus $10, rising $2.50 for each additional purchase
  • Int. $15, rising $2.50 for each additional purchase